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Saqib Sajjad

Energy Efficiency Section Head, GASCO

Mr. Saqib is steering energy efficiency in GASCO. He has played a key role in development and implementation of Energy Management System at one of the largest gas plants of the world. He has led numerous studies & initiatives and contributed in energy efficiency improvement at operating facilities as well as in projects. Mr. Saqib has also contributed in developing energy strategy, instigating energy performance benchmarking and in developing energy competencies. He has authored numerous conference papers and has also supported energy efficiency in R&D.

Mr. Saqib has won the year 2016 “Energy Engineer of the Year” award for the Middle East Region. He has also been conferred with National Excellence Award in Year 2017.

With Masters in Chemical Engineering and MBA, he is also Chartered Engineer, Certified Energy Manager and Certified Measurement & Verification Professional.

Practices in Laboratory & Online Analysis and its impact on Energy Performance of Gas Sweetening Units

Best Practices for Analytical Systems

Abstract: Gas sweetening units (GSUs) are one of the major energy consumers in gas processing facilities. Process control at any functional level, for example basic regulatory control, advanced process control (APC) or real time optimization (RTO), ultimately targets optimization based on field measurements. Online analyzers provide one of the key and crucial field measurements for optimization. Owing to the nature and complexity of gas sweetening process, laboratory analysis and corresponding timely action based on laboratory results are also vital in optimization of GSUs. GASCO is one of the largest onshore gas processing companies with processing capacity of more than 5 BSCFD. It operates more than 20 amine based GSUs with different feed characteristics, solvents and operating envelopes. These units were designed and commissioned by different licensors and contractors at different points in time spanning more than thirty years and are installed at five different locations. Accordingly, they have dissimilarities and differences in terms of provisions, practices and measurements for laboratory & online analysis and process control. This paper presents review of laboratory and online analysis amenities for process control and optimization of GSUs at GASCO. It addresses the challenges associated with monitoring and reporting as well as the barriers in effective utilization of laboratory & online analysis. The paper also gives insight on sensitivity of calculated parameters in performance of advanced process control and real time optimization. It portrays potential opportunities for energy efficiency improvement by correlating the practices with energy performance of GSUs.

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