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Ravi Sinha

Regional Sales Manager, Siemens

AMADAS - the Value of Extended Data to Support Analytical Performance and Reliability

Innovation in Analytical Techniques

Abstract: The recognition of the need for extended communications between a process analyzer and a sample delivery system was formalized in 2002 with the release of the ISA Standard SP76. The extended communications allows near real time information to be available to support analytical reliability. The “data strategy” for maintenance and reliability is predicated on increasing the amount and types of data available for predictive maintenance. This term can be adapted as “Analyzer Reliability Strategy” and the concept applied to process analyzers and their sample handling systems.

An Analyzer Management/Monitoring And Data Acquisition Systems, or AMADAS, is a tool for the aggregation and visualization of data collected as defined by an analyzer reliability strategy. A successfully implemented AMADAS will:

promote safety,
increase confidence in process analyzer data

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