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Neil Ayre

General Manager, Advanced CAE (ME)

Over 30 years experience in the process analyser field, from maintenance in a top UK refinery though years of experience as a specialist analyser systems vendor. A former General Manager for a top GC and analyser manufacturer and currently managing Advanced CAE a leading systems integration group based in the Middle East.

Maintenance Challenges For a Modern Remote Gas Oil Gathering Station a Case Study

Best Practices for Analytical Systems

Abstract: In recent years, the trend in new process analysers has been to make them more user friendly with better, more complex user interfaces. Newly implemented online analysis techniques, notably, optical and spectroscopic, have made self-diagnostics with built in validation, the new norm for fault detection User driven intervention and calibration is seldom required for the analyser. These ever more complex analysers are becoming very reliable, trouble shooting and preventative maintenance on the analyser is becoming more predictive. In a lot of cases this can be achieved via software manipulation rather than hands on the analyser itself. So why has the measurement availability improved? The explanation not so straight forward the sample systems and support infrastructure has not changed in the same way. Now more than ever, the transportation, conditioning of the sample to the analyser, and the analyser housing infrastructure has more effect on the measurement than the reliability of the analyser. For example, in a recently installed extractive, critical oxygen analysis system. Failure rates associated with the sample system (causing subsequent analyser failure) where twelve times the frequency of any analyser component failure. With mean times between failure of 30 days for the sample system and 5 years for the analyser (were the failure was not caused by the environment) it is clear where the focus was required.

This paper aims to document, record and use past experience and a lessons learnt approach to define the challenges facing analytical instrument installations particularly in the Middle East. It will attempt to define suggested installation practises for different types of measurements from complex multiple analysers to simple field mounted equipment. It will suggest standardised approaches and best practise from a technical and long term economic and availability point of view with a particular emphasis on the challenges faced by end users in the Middle East and surrounding areas.

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