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John J. Williams

Emission Monitoring & Reporting
John J. Williams

John J. Williams

Former Senior Environmental Engineer, GASCO

John Williams is a Chartered Engineer with over 30 years of engineering experience and Lifetime Member of the American Board of Engineers. His core competencies include environmental modelling & forecasting, energy/carbon management and climate change. Having delivered projects in 32 countries, he is currently employed as Senior Environmental engineer in GASCO.

GHG Emission Reporting: Challenges in Accurate Emission Quantification in Middle East National OIl Companies

Emission Monitoring & Reporting

Abstract: National Oil Companies (NOCs) located in the Middle East report their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions using different carbon accounting standards, including: GHG Protocol Standard and ISO 14064-1 specification, to mention two.

In reporting GHG emissions, nearly all NOCs in the Middle East Region quantify their GHG emissions by applying stoichiometric formulae with standard numeric values from USEPA publications. This process is commonplace, due to the influence, collaboration & numerous joint venture (JV) agreements between NOCs and giant American / Western oil companies. Accurately quantifying GHG emissions in any NOC in the Region is laced with unique challenges. Three of these challenges include:

(i.) Imposed NOC regulations which hinder strict compliance with global reporting standards;

(ii.) Multiple data-sources and the dilemma of choosing accurate values for GHG emissions quantification & reporting;

(iii.) Limitation of GHG emissions quantification to only scope-1 and scope-2.

In this paper, analysis of GHG emission quantification in three NOCs are presented. In each of the NOCs, six criteria were identified. Five were scope – 1 emission sources while one emission source was in scope-2.

This paper presents the methodology and results of the baseline carbon footprint reports from three NOCs located in the Middle East Region. Highlight and assessment of the impact of the identified difficulties encountered in trying to accurately report carbon emissions in these NOCs are also presented. Assessment of public perception of the oil & gas industry in the Region specifically and globally as well as the social brand impact are discussed.

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