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Ms. Ayesha Al Hemeiri

Emission Monitoring & Reporting
Ms. Ayesha Al Hemeiri

Ms. Ayesha Al Hemeiri

Environmental Engineer, GASCO

Challenges in Emission Reporting at GASCO

Emission Monitoring & Reporting

Abstract: In order to comply with requirement of ADNOC CoP and PMC data monitoring, emission reports for the GASCO facilities were prepared on a monthly basis. The report contains emission data for 5 sites for all regular sources.

ADNOC initiated Air Emission Measurement System (AEMS) which included CEMS, PEMS and Simplified PEMS for the identified source. With recent withholding of the AEMS project by ADNOC, it has been imperative on account of GASCO to develop its existing system such that reliability and integrity of the data estimation and reporting system achieved through cost and resource optimization.

GASCO has existing emission calculation and reporting database named “TRUSAFE”. Trusafe is used to provide automated data collection and reporting to assist the emission reporting. Source data is collected automatically, including process data from the RTDB’s, fuel composition data and emission data from CEMS and PEMS.

Currently GASCO also has 24 CEMS and 5 PEMS at its Sites. Effort shall be made to upgrade and calibrate these existing emission monitoring system and connect with TruSafe.


  1. Emissions are based on AP 42 emission factors, hence additional emission control do not necessary reflect in the emissions unless covered in emission factor.
  2. Flare at low flow conditions has inherent errors due to accuracy
  3. Real time analysis of acid gas
  4. Data integrity in TruSafe.
  5. Manual interventions
  6. Integrating PEMS supplied by different vendors

GASCO intends to overcome all the above challenges through our internal expertise and support.

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